Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amy & Yehan 23rd August, 2014 Jonah's, Palm Beach

Wedding: Amy & Yehan 
23rd August, 2014
Jonah's, Palm Beach

Hi Scott, 

Thank you for organising the lovely band for us. The guys are great and we really enjoyed their music. 

 I've attached some photos of the band for you. 

Thanks again and I hope you have a good holiday season coming up!


Anne & Robert 12th September 2014 Simmer on the Bay

Wedding: Anne & Robert
12th September 2014
Simmer on the Bay

Hi Scott!

Thanks so much for your email. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the night, but you guys were the ones who helped make it so much fun too!!

Thank you so much for playing at our wedding, you guys were FANTASTIC and I had so many great compliments about what a great band you guys were. 

In terms of feedback - Absolutely loved you guys and would recommend you to anyone, without hesitation. You guys really understood the crowd and everyone had a ball dancing along! I loved that your singer started a conga line with us! Amazing!! Thanks also for playing the random request my mates had for Wonderwall (I think that was it?), really impressed you guys could play it on the spot! Also, you have been fantastic in the lead-up to the wedding with your emails and meeting up for coffee, and as I mentioned ages ago I love the way you set out your proposals, a great touch!

Thanks again and speak soon! :)

Anne Wong 

Lina & Nicholas 26th April 2014 Est Restaurant

Wedding: Lina & Nicholas
26th April 2014

Est Restaurant, Establishment Hotel

Hi Scott

Thanks for your kind words and you guys did a great job that night. We have had many compliments about your talent from that evening. I can appreciate it would have been tough dealing with a crowd heckling you for yet another “last song” but I am sure the shots at the end with my wayward groom made up for it!

I wouldn’t recommend you change a thing, our experience with you was great and I have been putting the word out about you guys where I can.

I have attached a few photos from that evening for you. Our photographers were SugarLove.


Melissa and Haley 23rd August 2014 Cafe Morso

Wedding: Melissa and Haley
23rd August, 2014
Cafe Morso

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for Saturday night - our Jazz Duo was a massive hit, everyone was saying what a great atmosphere they provided and how awesome they sounded!

I'll be recommending Jazz Fever to everyone I know - you were so easy to deal with and made everything stress-free. Please pass on my thanks to the band, they were seriously amazing and I hope they had a great night too!

I've attached some photos for you!

Thanks again,


Robyn & Matthew 14th September 2014 Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Wedding: Robyn & Matthew
14th September, 2014
Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Hi Scott, 

We loved what you guys did on the day and lots of people said that they enjoyed the music. Perhaps our one regret was not starting the dancing earlier. It seemed like the crowd picked up just before you finished. We should have got the kids on the dancefloor earlier! But we loved the atmosphere you gave our day, it was exactly what we wanted, so thanks!And you were so easy to deal with, you fitted in with our reasonably easygoing approach to things, so thanks for that.Thanks once again,Matt and Robyn