Friday, July 25, 2014

Jacqueline & Greg 20th March 2014 Gunners Barracks

Wedding: Jacqueline & Greg
20th March 2014
The Tea Room, Gunners Barracks

Hi Scott,

Greg and I wanted to tell you how thankful we are to have had you play at our wedding at the gunners( march 20 th ).

You were all fantastic! From the drinks on the terrace , music in the dining room during dinner and then for dancing later, you really made the atmosphere and ambience so wonderful.
Thank you also for helping out with my brother( the mc) with his request at the beginning... A classy touch !

All of our guests raved about you also and some people said they would definitely be asking you to play when either they or their children marry ... They were very impressed.

I only wish I had thanked you properly on the night, but I was so excited and having a great time that I didn't really let you all know how appreciative I was.
Especially as you played a couple of extra songs at the end for us... Thank you.
You are definitely all very talented and very sweet...

I only have these two photos of you taken by the photographer.. He left straight after the first dance so I don't have any of you set up for dancing... However, I hope you like these Scott,
I'm hoping we will have another occasion to hire your band in the future.

Very warm regards, Jacqueline and Greg x

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